Viruses & Spyware

General Info

All software issues like all our in house repairs are not charged by the hour and are covered by our standard labor charge.

Software faults vary widely in the length of time it takes to repair them. With the most complex faults taking up to a couple of days to solve.

Unless there is physical damage to the hard drive on a computer it is very rare for user data to be lost. In the case of some repairs some installed programs may need to be re-installed once the repair is completed.

Viruses and Spyware

There is no fool proof way of stopping viruses getting on to your computer, unless you don't connect to the internet and don't plug anything in to it.

For most customers we tend to recommend the following:

  • Use a free antivirus program
  • Keep the Windows firewall on
  • Do regular Windows updates
  • Use an up-to-date internet browser

There are various other ways to protect yourselves that we could recommend:

  • Don't open email attachments, even if you know the sender, if you aren't expecting anything.
  • Banks and other companies will never ask you to validate your details via email. If the email looks legitimate but your not sure phone the company that it appears to be sent from or open your internet browser and navigate to the companies website that way. Never click the link in the email unless you are 100% certain that it links to a genuine website.
  • We, or any other reputable computer firm, will ever contact you to say you have viruses on your pc and attempt to talk you through their removal over the phone. If you get such a call politely (or not) hang up and contact your local repair centre for advice.
  • Be wary of clicking on adverts in web pages they don't always link to reputable web sites.
  • When installing programs take your time and don't get "click happy", a great many good legitimate programs offer to try and install extra, often unwanted, programs during their installation.

Do I have viruses? There are various ways to tell if you have viruses and/or spyware.

  • The computer starts to run unusually slow
  • The computer starts to act strangely for example: programs randomly crash or stop working, documents disappear
  • You can't navigate to the pages you want in your web browser, you get re-directed somewhere else
  • You get windows popping up declaring you have x number of computer errors and must pay to get them fixed.