Business Broadband

Our business packages meet the needs of business customers requiring generous monthly bandwidth allowances ranging from 15GB to 180GB, greater priority and business friendly bandwidth allowance times.

Business packages include Elevated Best Efforts (EBE) where available, which guarantees a minimum throughput of 3Mbps over the BT network subject to line sync rate. This minimum level of service is guaranteed for 90% of the time over the busiest three hour period.

Please note: the minimum download speed achieved depends upon the quality of the line.

Where EBE is not available the Business package will provide an increased upload speed of up to 832Kbps through the use of MAX Premium circuits.

The monthly bandwidth allowance for Business packages is consumed between 08:00hrs and 20:00hrs Monday to Friday. Bandwidth usage outside of these time periods is uncharged. The packages receive priority over regular Family packages during allowance times only.

WBC based ADSL1 connections provide an uncapped upload speed but you may expect to see up to 1Mbps. Download speeds are up to 8Mbps. WBC based ADSL2+ provides an uncapped upload speed but you may expect to see up to 1Mbps and download speeds of up to 24Mbps. MAX Premium based connections provide upload speeds of up to 832Kbps and download speeds of up to 8Mbps.

MAX Premium connections are only provided to customers connected to exchanges that have not yet been enabled to support WBC. Fixed rate products provide upload speeds of 256Kbps and are available in a choice of 512Kbps, 1Mbps and 2Mbps download speeds.

Upon consumption of your monthly allowance and all remaining top-up, the connection will be rate limited to 128Kbps with an additional 1GB. Upon consumption of the additional 1GB the connection will be blocked until you purchase a top-up or reach your next billing period start date.

All our broadband connections include 1 IP address, 100 POP3 email boxes and 25MB webspace free of charge.

A minimum contract period of 1 month applies. All prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated and are shown in GBP.