Mobile Phones

We provide a wide array of repairs on all main brand modern smart phones and selected repairs on various other models.

In most cases we would need to see the phone to identify the exact model and extent of the damage before we could give a definitive quote. There are various reasons for this, for example in the case of some Blackberry phones there are multiple screens for one model and so we would need to disassemble the phone to determine the exact screen to order.

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Web Products

At CCW Solutions we provide a complete range of web based products for individuals, small and medium sized businesses. As well as regular services, such as web hosting and domain registration, we can also provide website design, construction and maintenance.

All websites we design and build are uniquely tailored to the customer and come with a built in content management system (CMS) allowing users to modify and add new content such as text, pictures and completely new pages. We can also modify existing websites to use a CMS.

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Repairs & Servicing

Though we specialise in the general repair of all desktop PCs, laptop computers and printers we can also provide varying levels of support for a wide range of other computer and electronic equipment.

We operate on a fixed labour charge, this means that regardless of how long the repair takes we will only charge a fixed amount for labour.

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